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When you do things better, you cando better things.

Better energy efficiency can help you realize measurable results.

And help you achieve your strategic goals.

Like upgrading technology, attracting talent or investing in breakthrough R&D.

And that could help you do even better things.

For your business, your employees and your world.

When you do things better, you cando better things.

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Think about it. When it comes to achieving your business goals, energy efficiency can play an integral role. It’s one of the few places you can cut costs without sacrificing product quality or customer service. In fact, by integrating energy efficiency into your strategy you can help make important aspects of your business even better. Partner with NYSERDA for your next energy-efficiency project and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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College & University Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities

In a world where live lectures are replaced by streaming video and coursework is exchanged online, extending your reach is more important than ever. So is your ability to offset the energy hyper-connected students and staff will use. Implementing energy-efficient initiatives is a strategic way to help maintain your competitive technological advantage while giving deserving students an exceptional education.

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Healthcare Healthcare


Creating better patient outcomes through healthier, safer environments. There’s nothing more important to your reputation and your bottom line. With the right energy-efficient practices, you can improve staff productivity and satisfaction and encourage faster recovery times, which means patients don’t have to wait as long to join their families at home.

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Retail Retail


Forty percent of Americans say they visit a retail store to learn about a product, with the sole intent of buying it online.* Inspiring today’s customers to make purchases within the walls of your brick-and-mortar can be a real challenge. But with the right energy-efficiency initiatives, you can create a better in-store experience that turns shoppers into buyers and helps more people begin promising careers.

*Source: Gallup Economy, 2013

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Commercial Realestate Commercial Realestate

Commercial Real Estate

Between our increasing “work anywhere, anytime” mobile culture and more flexible work schedules, demand for office space isn’t what it used to be. Today’s tenants are focused on using less space more effectively. By demonstrating how energy-saving measures can create more productive, healthier environments, you can fulfill their demands, fill more vacancies and grow a successful business.

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Data Centers Data Centers

Data Centers

Data centers face some fierce competition as large and small players continue to enter the market at a quickening pace. Differentiating yourself as a cost-effective, secure and dependable service provider can really help to optimize your appeal to customers. By making energy efficiency an integral part of the process you can minimize maintenance, better protect critical loads and ensure greater reliability for valuable customers.

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Manufacturing Manufacturing


It costs 20% more to manufacture products in the U.S. than anywhere else.* By using energy and sustainability initiatives to manage energy use and maximize industrial processes, you can realize real savings — savings that can help ensure more reliable output in the future. And maybe even let your plant manager sleep a little easier at night.

*Source: National Association of Manufacturers, 2013

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